Below are links that will take you to a synopsis and a sample of my work. Enjoy!


Anna's Mother  Synopsis  Sample  Order

Aunt Raini    Synopsis   Sample  Order

A Christmas Carol   Synopsis/Sample/Order

Dangerous     Synopsis/Sample/Order

Drinking Habits  Synopsis/Sample/Order

Drinking Habits 2: Caught in the Act    Synopsis/Sample/Order

Love's Memory: Eurydice and Orpheus  Synopsis  Sample  Order

Gray     Synopsis/Sample/Order

The Pathmaker  Synopsis  Sample  Order

Small Things, Every Day  Synopsis  Sample  Order

Plays for Young Audiences

ESL     Synopsis/Sample/Order

Fremont  (Middle and High School version)   Synopsis  Sample  Order

John Fremont : The Pathfinder   (Elementary School version)     Synopsis  Sample   Order

Johnny and Sally Ann: the true-life, tall-tales of Johnny Appleseed and Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind  Synopsis/Sample/Order

Marguerita's Secret Diary  Synopsis/Sample/Order

The Odyssey  Synopsis/Sample/Order

What Comes Around...    Synopsis/Sample/Order 

The Wild and Wacky Rhyming Stories of Miss Henrietta Humpledowning  Synopsis/Sample/Order

Short Plays 

A Christmas Carol (one-act version)   Synopsis/Sample/Order

Autumn's Child   Synopsis  Free Script  

Caffeinated Love  Sample  Order

End of the Meal   Sample  Order

Imprint      Sample  Order

My Days Are Filled With Numbers   Script  Order

The Negotiations of Medieval Marriage   Script   Order

Worship     Sample  Order

Life as a Springer Show: a You Choose Comedy   Sample  Order

Shakespeare Adaptations/Edited Versions

Comedy of Errors  (90 minutes)     Sample  Order

Comedy of Errors  (45 minutes)     Sample  Order

King Lear  (45 minutes)   Sample  Order

Love's Labours Lost  (45 minutes)   Sample  Order

Much Ado About Nothing  (90 minutes)     Sample  Order

Much Ado About Nothing   (45 minutes)     Sample  Order

Two Gentlemen of Verona  (45 minutes)    Synopsis/Sample/Order

Short Educational Plays (these plays are yours to produce free of charge)

Friday Night  Script

Healthy Relationships  Script

Risky Behaviors  Script

Sexual Assault  Script